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Insect and Disease Control

Lawn diseases are not always easy to diagnose. Some key factors and symptoms to help recognize disease include: size and shape of dead and dying plants, specific spots on leaves, quality of root system, leaf color and growth characteristics, time of year, and temperature when disease developed. When diagnosing a lawn disease it is helpful to have a record of treatments such as fertilizer, herbicides, mowing height and frequency, watering frequency and amounts. Grass disease can ruin a lawn's appearance. However, good turf management practices can prevent serious damage

Turf Wizard delivers specialized applications to control lawn diseases that may have attacked the lawn.

Insect infestation is a lawn problem that can rapidly get out of control. The damage that some insects cause may take several seasons to correct. Because of this it is best to prevent insect infestation before it becomes a problem.

Turf Wizard can help identify potential problems and apply preventive treatment for them before insects have created hard to reverse damage.